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Get answers to some common questions.

Have Questions?

Yes, the Civil Aviation Authority has given Qopter360 Ltd permission to operate unmanned aircraft for the purposes of commercial operations within 150 metres of any congested area. Our permission number is UAS-7828.

Qopter360 Ltd is committed to providing safe unmanned aircraft operations. Safety is our priority and takes precedence over any other consideration.

Qopter360 Ltd undertakes thorough risk assessments before undertaking any aerial filming, including but not limited to standard and site specific risk assessments. By looking at each operational situation, we build a picture of the potential hazards and put in place mitigation to ensure we are operating safely at all times . 

Yes, we have a customisable (EC) 785/2004 compliant insurance that can cover the needs of any project offering public liability from £1million to £10million.


No. It is a requirement that one of our remote pilots is present during all of our operations.

Weather is a limiting factor and can affect when we are able to fly. Qopter360 carries out a local weather check and review prior to shooting and on some occasions we will wait on site for an opportunity to fly. If the weather is deemed unsuitable to fly (strong wind or rain) we will work with you to reschedule the shoot. It is a requirement that during commercial operations a visual line of sight is maintained with the aircraft.

Please see our pricing page for more info.

I'm interested. What next?

When using Qopter360 we do a lot of the hard work for you. What we do ask for is for you to confirm that we have permission from the landowner or business owner to fly at the location. We will discuss the requirements of your project with you during the initial enquiry.

At Qopter360 we aim to work collaboratively with you to ensure the final product meets your needs. You can decide from the start how much involvement you would like. For larger projects we offer a professional platform to work with you, which eliminates miscommunication and enables you to review the project.

Each project is slightly unique, however as part of our service we offer fully edited and enhanced video content conforming to high definition television formats. At the end of the project you will recieve a link to the final work that can be downloaded to your devices, or we can provide a separate storage device.