Wolves in the Castle.

After the Christmas lights and the festive season disappear, January blues can make the first month of the year seem a bit of a drag. This January must have been an exception to the rule as Qopter360 visited the rural village of Tarporley in the County of Cheshire, along with the Warrington Wolves for their pre-season team photos. The event was a week or so before playing their first competitive fixture of the season against Leeds Rhino’s in the Betfred Super League on February 2nd.

We arrived early, before the team, to get some stunning aerial footage of Peckforton Castle and prepare for the day. Sunrise was exceptionally beautiful that morning but the red sky left us hoping that the sky would not fill with rain later in the day. Witnessing the calm and quiet atmosphere and clear and fresh air, we cracked on with the onsite surveys and risk assessments before strategically planning out the day. I wanted this time to last longer as the light from golden hour was perfect for filming and we were getting superb view across toward Beeston Castle. There was an unusual serenity and calm about the day as there was very little wind, which is always good for a drone pilot. As the players started to arrive, it dawned on me that we are providing a revolutionary service and drones can be a very powerful and innovative tool. Standing near the castle gate, we waited, running through the frames and flight paths in our minds.

We got the starting line up with Sky, BBC and ITV waiting at the sidelines. We were told the team would be coming out and we had a short time in which to get some team shots and some dramatic aerial video. Using our DJI Inspire 2 and X5S, we captured the team from above.  We are accustomed to living by everyone else’s definition of success but seeing our drone in front of the Super League team, I knew instantly, Today was a success!

It was a fantastic day for Qopter360 and the Warrington Wolves. It was great to see the lucky prize winner Frankie join the team photo and that will certainly be a day to remember for him. We landed our Unmanned aerial sytems (UAS) safely whilst Sky and the other broadcast stations interviewed the players. Meeting the team, I could see they were genuine and it was clear that they hold their club visions and values completely to heart. 

We continued into the castle where we got some great footage of the “Wolves in the Castle”.

After filming, its back to the editing room…

After filming we headed straight back to start editing and processing the footage from the day. This is where we work our hardest to be creative and offer content which appeals to viewers. Check out some of the content from the day here:

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